Notebook Lesson 11

  • Yonseo Rigging Kit for Modo

1) Control Hierachy

We need to look at the hierachy to understand how to organize our rig objects.

The base_global controls our entire rig. Underneath we have a child named 'controller_skeleton_diamond' that controls the movement and rotation of our entire skeleton. The next child is 'controller_pelvis' this controls movement and rotation of our pelvis.

There are several childs in here that include 'controller_spine_a' and 'skeleton_root'.
  • 'controller_spine_a' is a parent to 'controller_spine_b' and 'controller_chest'.
  • Each control is a parent to an effector.
  • 'skeleton_root' is our entire skeleton.

  • 2) Skeleton Hierachy

    Lets take a look at the skeleton_root hierachy.
    I've named my clavicle bone 'bone_L_ClavicleIN' and 'bone_L_ClavicleOUT' to organize the joints on the clavicle. The 'bone_L' lets me know what side of the rig this bone is located. You can also use '_a' , '_b' , '_c' naming conventions instead of 'OUT' and 'IN' if you have more than one bone connection such as the hand.
    I named my wrist joint to 'joint_L_wrist' instead of 'bone_L_wrist' to let me know there is rotation and movement here. It is ok to name it either way. Find a naming convention that is useful to you.

    The Hand Hierachy

    The hand contains 5 finger skeletons. Each finger contains 4 bones and 5 joints. I used the 'A','B','C' naming convention. The end joint is named 'end_' to let me know it is the end of the finger. Let's look at the index finger. All 5 fingers are childs of 'joint_L_wrist'.
    As we work on our rig we will add more controllers and effectors. It's important to stay organized and learn how things work in the hierachy.