Notebook Lesson 10

  • Yonseo Rigging Kit for Modo


What is going on?!

Sometimes these common problems happen when rigging. There can be a few different outcomes but when your rig is misbehaving it is most likely your transformations.

1) Zero Transformations

To solve this error we simply have to [Enter Setup].
Select our skeleton or all our bones. Go to our properties and select [Zero > All]. Now [Exit Setup] and your rig should be back in place.

How does this work?

[Zero > All] makes our selected objects starting position to zero. If we rotate our model notice on the right panel our rotation has increased. If we type in '0' for all our transformations manually it will return to its starting position.
Another way to do this is to click [Reset > All].
Our bones are now set to their starting positions.

Locators to the Rescue

I've tried to zero my transformations and my rig is still out of place!
Locators can help us get out of a messy situation. If all else fails problem solving is what we do when things just don't work the way they should. The best thing to do in this situation is to backtrack. Open a previous saved file and try again. Sometimes you can correct the mistake previously made. If you simply cannot get your rig back in place carry on... This rig has had its transformations set to zero. This means its starting position is now halfway down from the model.
If we enter [Setup] our rig appears to be set correctly. What happened? We can correct this by moving the rig upwards, however it will not be in the exact same position as the [Setup] rig. We must make sure our rig is in the exact same position as our [Setup]. Let's solve!
  • Step 1) [Enter Setup] where the rig is in a correct position and create a locator.
  • Step 2) [Drop Action: Match Position].
  • Drag and drop the Locator over 'skeleton_root' The Locator is now in the correct position. We will use the Locators position to correct our skeleton outside of [Setup].
  • Step 3) [Exit Setup] and select 'controller_skeleton_diamond'.
  • [Drop Action: Match Position] then drag and drop over the Locator.
    Finally select all your skeleton bones and [Zero > All] transformations then delete the Locator. Done!

    2) Deleting Weights

    If you need to erase your weights to bind again, simply delete the normalizing folder under the deformations tab. This will delete all your weights.

    Knee Control Fix

    The knee control can cause trouble when it comes near the leg bone such as this issue shown below.
    A quick fix is to create two locators, one named 'loc_spacer' and 'loc_spacer2'. Parent 'loc_spacer2' to 'loc_spacer'. With match position you can place 'loc_spacer2' at the knee control and 'loc_spacer' at the leg bone. Select the knee control 'controller_L_knee' then ctrl+select 'loc_spacer2' and add a modifier [position].
    Thats it! You can now move your ankle and the knee will move along in space. You can add the locators to the hidden group so they don't appear in the view.