Notebook Lesson 9

  • Yonseo Rigging Kit for Modo
  • Keyframes are used as a tool to help us with weight adjustments and animation. In this lesson we will learn to use keyframes.


Lets work with keyframes.

Select the bone 'bone_head'. Under settings change both the end number of frames to 20.
Now click the small circle in rotation X, Y, Z so they turn red.
Click on the 10th keyframe on the bottom timeline and rotate your head to the left. Your transformations should change on the right panel. I've rotated Y to -52.5
    Deselect everything and press the play button at the bottom center. It will animate!
This becomes useful when you need to adjust your weights on the model. To get a better view of what the character will look like when it moves we can left click and drag on the timeline and it will animate as well without pressing play.