Notebook Lesson 13

  • Yonseo Rigging Kit for Modo

Eye Controls

The Eye Control

Let's start making the eye control. I turned off the controls and the body mesh. Now all I can see is the skeleton and eyes.
    1) First let's lets turn on snapping and make sure vertex option is checked.
Activate the skeleton tool and starting from the back of the eyeball I will create a bone by clicking on the center. Then I will rotate my view to the front of the eyeball and click on the center. This will create a bone in the center of the eyeball. Rename your bone joints to 'eye_L_front' and 'eye_L_back'.
Press 'L' on your keyboard to create a locator and change your [Drop Action: Position]. Perform a drop action on the eye bone to quickly position it on the eye. Enter your right view and move it to the center. With snapping [vertex] enabled it will snap to the center vertex. Rename this to 'effector_L_eye' and change its shape to a rhombus. Create another Locator and [Drop Action: [Position] to 'bone_L_eye_front'. This is a temporary locator we will delete later but for now we will hold on to it so I can use it on the right side of the eye. Finally select your eye bone and [Drop Action: Match] perform a drop action to 'effector_L_eye'.
This will move our eye bone to the center of the eye and move the 'eye_L_front' joint outside of our eyeball mesh. With the temporary locator in our scene we can perform a drop action and fix this problem. [Enter Setup] select the eye bone and ctrl+select the 'effector_L_eye'. Add modifier [Rotation]. Exit Setup and test rotation of 'effector_L_eye'.
Create a new locator and name this 'loc_eye_center'. [Drop Action: Position] perform a drop action to 'effector_L_eye'. Under transformations change Position X to 0. I want this locator to be at the center of both eyes.
[Enter Setup] and select 'effector_L_eye' then ctrl+select 'loc_eye_center'. Assign a modifier [Rotation]. Parent 'effector_L_eye' to 'loc_eye_center'. Select all the eye objects created in this lesson and [Zero > All]. [Exit Setup] and test rotation of 'loc_eye_center'. The bone follows the 'loc_eye_main' which is fine but the 'effector_L_eye' does not stay in place.
Let's fix this by selecting 'effector_L_eye' and ctrl+selecting 'bone_L_eye_back' and parent to the bone. Now our 'effector_L_eye' stays in place and the eye bone follows when we rotate 'loc_eye_center'.
We haven't added a controller for the eye control so lets do that. Create a locator and change its shape to a circle. Rename it to 'controller_eyes'. Perform a [Drop Action: Position] to 'loc_eye_center'. Then move the circle foward.
    2) [Enter Setup] then select the 'loc_eye_center' and ctrl+select 'controller_eyes'. Add a modifier [Direction].
[Exit Setup] and test the rotation of 'controller_eyes'.


Last Steps.
    1) [Enter Setup] Select the eye bone and parent to the head bone.
    2) Enable the controls group to make them visible. Perent the 'loc_eye_center' to 'controller_goal_head'. Parent the 'controller_eyes' to 'controller_goal_head'.
    3)Bind the eyeball to the eye bone. Use [Heat].