Notebook Lesson 1

  • Yonsseo Rigging Kit for Modo
Projectfiles: project/lesson1/YON_lesson1.lxo

#1 Setting Up your Character in Modo.


1) cleaning up our mesh

Were going to clean up our mesh. Select the body: Geometry > Mesh Cleanup.

2) clean transformations

We want to clean our transformations so that our starting point is at the center. With our body selected we can see our transformation values to the right. Go ahead and middle mouse click and lasso select your character and all its parts.

Select Freeze and choose 'All' option. The center will be centered to the origin. Now all your transformations are clean.

3)Hiding the camera and lights

Head over to the setup tab and select the camera and lights. Were going to hide them to make sure they're not getting in the way while we work. Click the settings icon in our 3D viewport. Under item visibility deselect camera and lights.

4)creating groups

Middle mouse select all your objects and go to the groups tab. Make a new group and name it "model". Now you can make your character and all its objects unselectable. Right click the group > members selectable > off. This will make our mesh unselectable so we can work without selecting our model when creating bones. We dont want to accidentaly select our mesh and move it from its position. clicking the '+' icon will drop down and show the current items in that group. By right clicking you can add or remove items. We will make more groups later in the lesson.