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The sidebar requires JQuery and a script located at the bottom of the page.

Change the logo

Here you can change the sidebar logo and sidebar avatar


Add ons are css snippets of code that you can add to any class or id. For example, when using a class .table you can add a css snippet noline to remove the table borders.

.table noline

Note that there is a space between .table and noline.

You can also do this with colors. Try it with font-awesome star icon by adding yellow to the class.

NOTE: They do not change the background color but instead change the font and icon color.

fa fa-star

fa fa-star red

fa fa-star yellow

fa fa-star blue

Card Types

Cards are containers that display data inside such as tables, user input, email, etc. There are different card types.

.card is a simple rounded corners with shadow.

.card-sharp is a simple sharp corners with shadow.

.card-flat is a simple sharp corners with no shadow.

Card Header

Cards include an optional header that can be added with .card-header


Tabs come in different types.

- Use .tab for no border tab. Use .tab-line for a line tab.

- Each onclick function should be named the same as the id of class .tabcontent


When using multiple tab groups on the same page, name each tab by a unique id to avoid tab conflict. In the code above .home1 is being used as a unique id. This means I cannot use home1 as a name for another tab.

To use tabs on a page include the script found at the bottom of the page.